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M60 Metal Patton Tank in 1/16 scale

Chunwai Models asked RCTankHQ the review their latest all metal tank, we of course humbly agreed and what follows is a review of one fantastic tank. Mr. Chun has created a masterpiece in rugged design and suspension as well as electronic power. This tank offers a cut above the rest by supplying a Gigahertz Transmitter and a good supply of spare parts like track pads, links and fuses.


Shipping Contents & function

Chunwai Models always ships their tanks in the best safest way to insure the product it not damaged in transit, the M60 was no exception as the photo depicts, that tank was surrounded in packing styrofoam under as well as on top.

With every M60 you get a loads of extras like; 8 track parts and steel track pins with  a load of replacement pads track guides and also a full set of replacement fuses and fuse cables, one bottle, for proper oil measurement with a filling syringe, needle and 12v tank charger. Also included is a full set of allen wrenches that will be needed for suspension and track adjustment as well as other maintenance applications around the tank. Basic movement of the tank include; forward, reverse, left gradual turn, right gradual turn, 180 degree full unlimited turret rotation with recoil of the main gun that's synced with 105 main gun blast, all movement of the tracks are synced with M60 sounds with track squeaks which can be turned on or off via a switch on the control panel located in the nose of the tank.

Extras and content; :          

Design & Detail

The upper hull of the M60 is a 6mm thick full cast piece with detail galore, one of the physical traits of a 1:1 scale M60 is the rear deck designed with flows and rises that Chunwai manages to recreate every slope and vent in great detail even the travel lock is completely functional. The front of the tank has reactive armor or Blazer ERA seen on a lot of US Marine Corps in Desert Storm/Shield and current Israeli M60's.




The turret is cast 3mm thick metal just like the real thing and another M60 characteristic is the high commanders cupola found on almost all Patton series tanks, again Chunwai manages to recreate this unique cupola with working hatch. The refueling for the smoker in located on the rear deck next to the turret ring this and the location of the recharging point at the front ensure that you don't have to ever open the tank to refill oil, charge the battery or turn on and off the tank.



Additional Detail Photos!

Electronics Gearbox & Sound

The M60 has the new and much improved T-2000 smaller in size with a heatsink that runs the entire length of the ESC supplying a whopping 75amps per channel with 160Amp burst. The T-2000 already comes setup and ready to run from the Chunwai factory but if you ever need to program it yourself the setup is push button easy. I was very impressed with the performance the gradual turn areas on the stick are wide with auto neutral steering on the far left or right the T-2000 supplies all the power you will need.


The gearbox has a set of twin geared 550rpm 12v motors with higher torque inline gearboxes that provide power to the track through a sprocket and chain. Each motors positive lead runs through a fuse to protect the motors that are housed in a metal frame with crossed bracing then secures to the floor of the rear chassis.


The M60 comes complete with a metal body smoker that is built super strong that puts out mass amounts of smoke which is pushed out the rear by a 12v inbuilt fan system that is turned on or off by the front center power switch in the nose of the tank. The smoke is funneled from the smoker through rubber tubes that lead to the rear and exit out the exhaust fins. I simply can't say enough about this smoker it's out of this world, I can safely say it's the finest 1/16 scale Tank smoke unit on the market and it's size makes it easy to fit in almost any RC tank I'll focus more on the smoker (size and voltage compatibility) in the modeling phase on the forum so make you join me there.


The M60 comes with a complete sound system unit housed in a all metal sound box with a access hole in front to allow the tanker to turn up of down the volume the sound is wired in the power for the motors thus giving scale sound with the movement of the tank other included sound are the main gun sound wired into the recoil unit and track squeak sounds this sound system, like the smoker the sound unit can be used in other 1/16 and even larger tanks due to its size.

Transmitter Tracks and Suspension

The Transmitter marks a first for me, I've been into RC Tanks for years, and I must admit a little old school reluctantly when it comes to making the move from MHz to GHz, until now that is, boy oh boy what a change. This transmitter package is complete with computer software that allows you to plug-in the Transmitter directly into your computer using the provided USB cable, allowing you to do phenomenal tweaks; like change the function of each channel or mix two or more channels together it also allows you to save the profile so other profiles for other tanks you have can simply be loaded in 2 sec's. If you like a Tamiya style driving simply mix channel 1 and 4 and your done. Opening up the tank and unplugging and fooling around with the receiver cables are a thing of the past as well as breaking those infernal metal retractable antennas over and over, load the transmitter with six AA batteries and your away.


The tracks are all metal with rubber chevrons found on most M60A1's and can be adjusted by a duel independent tension adjuster system located in the inside of the tank at the front these adjusters are made of metal and are very strong and durable and set in bearings, the tension is adjusted with the provided allen wrench.

The suspension is very robust but at the same time provides realistic road wheel movement over rough terrain. Each road wheel is CNC machined and set in medal shielded bearings with rubber tires and support rollers. Each suspension arm is reinforced and secured through the chassis by four screws, an allen wrench tool is provided for any adjustment you may need.

UPDATE! New T142 Track 


New Version Update!





As I've stated before in the review, I have been around the RC Tank hobby for many years and never have I found a more powerful ready to run tank or kit for that matter, and to comes with ample support products along with an out of this world GHz-transmitter. There is something about running an all metal heavy tank that once you've driven one, your hooked. This tank has it all and does it all, drop Chunwai an email and have your hand built all metal 1/16 scale M60 Patton tank started today!



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