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For the Heng Long 1/16 RC Tiger , MATO have a huge range of upgrades for this particular tank with more on the way soon. For the purposes of this review I have installed the submitted parts on a 2010 version of the Heng Long Tiger 1 metal upgrade version, which comes with metal gearbox, tracks and sprocket.




Item No. MT016 Metal Road wheels for 1/16 Tiger tank

Item No. MT017 Tiger 1 spring upgrade

Item No. MT027 Tiger 1 metal air cleaner





The road wheel upgrade comes as a boxed set of 16 pre assembled metal road wheel sets and separate rubber tires. If you plan on painting them, best to do that before you put the tires on, starting with a metal primer. The road wheels are designed as a direct replacement for the Heng Long tiger 1, with the same open hub design to facilitate easy installation. They can be installed using the stock Heng Long suspension arms and axles which I have done. The wheels are very clean with no flashing and the rubber tires fit well. There are no bushings.

To Install, simply remove the plastic road wheels from the suspension arms using a hex driver to back out the axles. Then, holding the suspension arms in position so that the axle can protrude into the slot, install the road wheels firmly, checking they can spin freely.



This is a set of 16 springs, 8 left and 8 right side, to replace the stock Heng Long springs. They are appreciably stronger/stiffer than the stock springs and are certainly something to consider if your suspension is bottoming out or you're adding some heavy metal upgrades.

To install, having removed the road wheels, back out the suspension arm axles, replace the springs and re assemble. The suspension arm/spring nearest to the idler on each side can be tricky to re assemble, otherwise the rest are easy. Something to consider also is the possibility of using a combination of stock weaker springs and the stronger upgrade springs so as to fine tune the suspension to your specific needs.



This is a metal upgrade of the plastic Feifel air cleaners on the Heng Long Tiger 1 and they can fit the stock plastic hose outlets. It's a reproduction of the plastic version, clean and fits together well.

To install you need to separate the top half of the tank from the hull. This is achieved by removing 3 screws from underneath the tank and also 2 screws under the sponsons on both sides, (above the wheels) being the ones behind the sprocket and in the middle, (not the rear screw). Remove the air hoses from the air cleaner outlets before you attempt to take the top off. Then you can remove the plastic cleaners, install the hose outlets, screw the halves together and then attach the cleaners with the provided screws from the inside, replace the top and finally re attach the hoses to the hose outlets on the cleaners.



After installing the stiffer springs and metal road wheels, I put the tracks that came with the Heng long tank back on. I found the tracks were now a bit too tight, causing binding. I therefore added an extra link to each track and now everything works fine as seen in the demo video, you'll notice in the close up that there is now some excess slack in the tracks which I'll address later.. Overall, I'm happy to recommend the products reviewed here. Next, you can join me in part 2 of our series of reviews about MATO's metal upgrades for Tiger tanks as I take readers through the process of adding further metal upgrades which MATO are releasing.



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