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VS Tank have have done a great job to include all the features we've come to expect from them into a smaller sized model like the Sherman that has a lot less internal room for electronics and gearboxes compared to other tanks in the VS Tank lineup.
As well, VS Tank are the first company to offer a hobby grade RTR RC Sherman with functional VVSS suspension in any scale!


VS Tank have produced two Sherman M4A3 variants, a 105mm Howitzer version and the 75mm version which is the subject of this review, again it's the IR Combat version.



The M4A3 Sherman is a much needed tank for the 1/24 scale RC tank hobby, with no other USA WW2 tanks currently available in 1/24 scale. The VS Sherman, IR combat version successfully incorporates all the VS Tank Pro IR features already covered in previous reviews, as well as the latest improvements such as adjustable volume and removal of the clear 'battle damage' light lenses, which became the new standard with VS Tanks' previous release, the KV-2.

In their quest to achieve the utmost realism, VS Tank have given the Sherman a suitably fast top speed, (as seen in the review video) which makes it a great 'shoot and scoot' tank for IR Combat wargaming. There is however a trade-off for the extra speed, if you turn sharply at high speed, you will throw the rubber track for sure. So, to be a successful VS Sherman driver, when driving at top speed, you should not hold down the turn button for too long, it's best to 'tap' the turn button, or, better still, slow down before attempting a turn.



Of course there is no chance of getting mixed up about which controller belongs to which tank, all VS controllers have the name of the tank they belong to on them. As well, you get a commander figure, machine gun and some stowage accessories...


Another fantastic addition to the VS 1/24 range with the usual attention to detail, separately moulded parts and high standard of assembly VS Tank are known for.



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